Engineers & Design Consultants

When designing a new development or a large refurbishment there is generally a need for either a site survey of the complete drainage system or establish where specific outfall are.

Drain and sewer surveys:

Drain Technology surveys are capable of surveying pipes and ductwork from 70mm up to 1650mm diameter. Utilising the latest generation of digital inspection systems and custom made survey units, we are able to provide solutions to a wide range of CCTV survey requirements.

Drainage surveys are used by a variety of different clients for a variety of different reasons.

  • New installations
  • Fault finding & investigation
  • Environmental and pollution: cause / solution
  • Mapping & tracing
  • Development & planning

On completion of all surveys, a drainage report will be produced to industry standard Wincan software, recognised and approved by WRc, local authorities and water boards.

As with all of our services, surveys can be undertaken out of hours. We can access remote areas with our off-road vehicle,  as our camera equipment is portable and versatile.

Manhole surveys:

Drain Technology use STC25 Manhole Survey reports which allows us to record details of a manholes structure and condition, diameter of pipe inlets and outlets, depth of inverts and cover conditions. The record card also gives photographs of the cover, location and internal view.

In addition. we offer GPS location reference points using a Netrover located above an individual manhole, which can then be added to a topographical drawing at a later stage.

While a manhole survey is different from a drainage survey, if carried out in conjunction with the CCTV drainage survey, it gives you a full in-depth overview of the full drainage system by way of two specific and detailed reports.

CAD and topographical drawings:

While we are not utility surveyors producing full topographical drawings showing all utilities within a certain area, we can produce topographical drawings for the drain and sewer network. This will show all building, boundaries and manhole covers within a specified area, plus the drain and sewer runs in between. This is an ideal service when no known drawings are available.